Artificial Intelligence

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Ideation Workshop Program

Ideation workshops or programs will define goals for client AI programs

Identification of opportunity for machine learning improvement of workflow, decision-making, risk assessment, optimal scheduling and planning, prediction of events, resource sharing, cost assessment, marketing campaigns, insurance, pricing, high frequency trading, medical imaging, genomics.

As part of our AI workshop, we work with the client to formalize the existing workflow and identify potential actionable information, optimizations that could be implemented using an AI framework. To do, we need to assess the current workflow in terms technical and strategic terms.  

The last part of the workshop provides a descriptive analysis of AI developments that could be implemented and the potential impact they would have on the the workflow in terms of efficiency and cost reduction.

Feasibility Study

The feasibility study offers a low risk/low cost/high reward AI implementation strategy. It is particularly adapted for small to medium size businesses  and provides an AI engine based on standard machine learning techniques (Deep learning, SVM, Bayesian modeling, nonlinear regression, etc). Assessment of data quality, statistical power, complexity, quantification of benefits of machine learning, estimation of computing resources required, planning of the framework architecture of the final product. This module can also be used as part of larger projects to establish a working prototype. The feasibility study will also outline specific use-case scenario in which AI-driven systems may contribute to improve the business in question.  

AI Platform Development

To develop a fully customized AI platform from end to end, including modules for data management, distributed backup system, database design and implementation, custom APIs, development/validation of authentication methods, full testing and quality control, maintenance, evaluation of accuracy/cost reduction/prediction, online reporting for simplified tracking of results, complete documentation of platform architecture/code/AI development, design of mobile app and dedicated website, cloud computing.